Saturday 25 July 2020

#Seven #Steps to #Success

*Seven Steps to Success*

There is a powerful seven step formula that you can use to set and achieve your goals for the rest of your life. Every single successful person uses this formula or some variation of this formula to achieve vastly more than the average person. And so can you. Here it is:

*Decide What You Want*
First, decide exactly what it is you want in each part of your life. Become a "meaningful specific" rather than a "wandering generality."

*Write it Down*
Second, write it down, clearly and in detail. Always think on paper. A goal that is not in writing is not a goal at all. It is merely a wish and it has no energy behind it.

*Set a Deadline*
Third, set a deadline for your goal. A deadline acts as a "forcing system" in your subconscious mind. It motivates you to do the things necessary to make your goal come true. If it is a big enough goal, set sub-deadlines as well. Don't leave this to chance.

*Make a List*
Fourth, make a list of everything that you can think of that you are going to have to do to achieve your goal. When you think of new tasks and activities, write them on your list until your list is complete.

*Organize Your List*
Fifth, organize your list into a plan. Decide what you will have to do first and what you will have to do second. Decide what is more important and what is less important. And then write out your plan on paper, the same way you would develop a blueprint to build your dream house.

*Take Action*
The sixth step is for you to take action on your plan. Do something. Do anything. But get busy. Get going.

*Do Something Every Day*
Seventh, do something every single day that moves you in the direction of your most important goal at the moment. Develop the discipline of doing something 365 days each year that is moving you forward. You will be absolutely astonished at how much you accomplish when you utilize this formula in your life every single day.

*Action Exercises*
Here are two things you can do to put these ideas into action immediately.

*First*, decide exactly what you want, write it down with a deadline, make a plan and take action - on at least one goal - today!

*Second*, determine the price you will have to pay to achieve this goal and then get busy paying that price - whatever it is.



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Wednesday 22 July 2020

#TamarindSpeak! With #Sonal Jain - #Astrologer, #Tarot card reader and #Matchmaker#matrimonials

TamarindSpeak! With Sonal Jain - Astrologer, Tarot card reader and Matchmaker

Join us for an exciting evening with Sonal Jain, as she explains the world of Astrology and Tarot card reading.

When: Friday July 24, 2020 5:30 PM India time

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Tuesday 21 July 2020

#marriages and #match makers #condenastetraveller

*A story on marriages and match makers*

with my inputs on *CONDE NASTE TRAVELLER* India!

Do read the article

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Saturday 18 July 2020

#Sometimes we #Forget

*Sometimes We Forget*

Sometimes we forget that there are people watching
Us (I mean our actions).

Sometimes we forget we are letters read on a daily basis.

In these letters we are sometimes the headings, the lines,
The chapters, the verses, the comas, the full stops which
Are all important.

Sometimes we forget that there are those who take serious
What we do slightly and think there hasn't been any impact made.

Sometimes we forget that the power to do good to others
Lies within us and when we release it we are bound to be
Affected by the same.

Sometimes we ignore the fact that whatever we sow is what
We reap in life

Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes.




Make a Promise to your Dreams as if you were making a Promise to your Child

– *"I will always stand by you no matter what,*
*I will never give up on you no matter what."*



Wednesday 15 July 2020

#Michael #Jordan

*Michael Jordan* was an African-American man, born in 1963, in the slums of Brooklyn, New York.

He had four brothers and his father's wages were not sufficient to provide for the whole family.

He grew up in a poor neighbourhood which was full of discrimination, to the point where he could not see any hope for the future.

When he was 13 years old, his father gave him a piece of used clothing and asked: "What do you think the value of this outfit would be?"

Jordan replied, "Maybe one dollar."
His father asked, "Can you sell it for two dollars? If you can sell it, it would mean that you are a big help
to your father and mother. "

Jordan nodded his head, "I'll try, but no guarantee that I'll be successful."
Jordan carefully washed the clothes clean. Because they didn't have an iron, to smoothen out clothes, he leveled it with a clothes brush on a flat board, then kept it in the sun to dry. The next day, he brought the clothes to a crowded underground station. After offering it for more than six hours. Jordan finally managed to sell it for $2. He took the two dollar bill and ran home.

After that, everyday he was looked for used clothing, washed and ironed it and sold it in the crowd.

More than ten days later, his father again gave him a piece of used clothing, "Now think of a way that you can sell these clothes for 20 bucks?"
Jordan said, "How is it possible? This outfit can only fetch two dollars at the most. "

His father replied in an effort to inspire him, "Why don't you try it first? There must be a way."

Finally, Jordan got an Idea He asked for cousin's help to paint a picture of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on the garment. Then he tried to sell it in the school where the children of the rich study. Soon a housekeeper, who was there to pick his master, bought clothes for his master. The master was a little boy of only 10 years but was very fond of clothes. He loved it so much and he gave a five dollar tip. 25 dollars was a huge amount for Jordan, the equivalent of a month's salary of his father.

When he got home, his father gave him yet another piece of used clothing. "Are you able to resell it at a price of 200 dollars?" His eyes lit up.

This time, Jordan accepted the clothes without the slightest doubt. Two months later a popular movie actress from the movie "Charlie's Angels", Farah Fawcett came to New York for her Movie promos. After the press conference, Jordan made his way through the security forces to reach the side of Farah Fawcett and requested her autograph on the piece of clothing. When Fawcett saw this innocent child asking for her autograph, she gladly signed it.

Jordan was shouting very excitedly, "This is a jersey signed by Miss Farah Fawcett, the selling price is 200 dollars!"He auctioned off the clothes, to a businessman for a price of 1,200 dollars!

Upon returning home, his father by broke into tears & said, "I am amazed that you did it my child!

You're really great! "

That night, Jordan slept alongside his father. His father said, "Son, in your experience selling these three pieces of clothing, what did you learn about success?"

Jordan replied, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

His father nodded his head, then shook his head, "What you say is not entirely wrong! But that was not my intention.

I just wanted to show you that even a piece of used clothing which is worth only a dollar can be increased in value, Then how about us - living & thinking humans? We may be darker and poorer, but what's the difference? "

This thought enlightened young Jordan. When a piece of used clothing could be made dignified, then why not me?

There is absolutely no reason to underestimate myself.

From then on, Michael Jordan felt that his future would be beautiful and full of hope.

Our potential is so great, and should not be viewed small & low only because of our status, looks or wealth. Even a diamond is just a stone before it has been polished.

This too shall pass,
Believe in yourself, you are stronger than you think, Keep trying your best and striving ahead and stay blessed forever!



Monday 13 July 2020

The #Power Of #Positive #Words

*The Power Of Positive Words*

LET ME HELP - Good people/friends do this when they see someone hurt and jump to help. They are sure winners.

I UNDERSTAND YOU - A powerful tool for healing any relationship and become closer.

I RESPECT YOU - Another way of showing love in all interpersonal relationship.

I MISS YOU - This powerful affirmation tells the other person that they are wanted, needed, desired and loved.

YOU ARE RIGHT - Best effective in diffusing arguments.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME - Heals and restores broken relationships.

I THANK YOU - Gratitude is an exquisite form of courtesy.

COUNT ON ME - Loyalty is a special ingredient in any relationship.

I'LL BE THERE - A great gift to give for a relationship in need for renewing love and friendship.

GO FOR IT - Best way of supporting and encouraging the other person's dreams and desires.


I LOVE YOU - The most important three words which cover all the above



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Saturday 11 July 2020

The #Universal #Law is the Law of #At traction

*The Universal Law is the Law of Attraction*

What you get out of life is exactly what you put into it. Happiness is thought first, and then your feelings follow. What you (or your ego) verbalize to you on a regular basis is exactly what you will get, because you've already defeated yourself. You've given yourself permission to quit.

If you want to change your life, your karma, your state of mind, all you have to do is learn to "think" differently. Learn to think positive thoughts. Decide beforehand that you are going to be happy, or that you are going to like something, and you will!

This is a double-edge sword, because when you change your thoughts to positive ones, you attract positive people, which in turn, begets better outcomes and opportunities for yourself.

Don't think so? Then think about this: When you meet someone and they are happy, full of life, treat you like you are special, how does that make you feel? You want to be around people who make you feel good. It's human nature! So, if you start "feeling good" on your own - if you make the decision to be happy, you will attract that! You will attract people who will want to help you. Your life will get better, because Like Begets Like. The Universal Law is the Law of Attraction.

If you want to continue being negative, then that is exactly what you will attract. It's bad Karma to be negative, so be happy. If your life sucks right now, then be happy for what is good. If you examine it hard enough, you can find something to be grateful about - even if the only thing you can find to be grateful about is that God loves you and will be there for you if you'll let Him. I once read that it is folly to place your faith in man, because man will disappoint you. Place your faith in God and He will never let you down.

If none of this helps you to be happy, then it's time to forget your self-interest and focus on others. Make other people happy and you will reap the rewards, because the Law of the Universe works, whether you believe it or not. Try it and watch the miracle unfold!



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It is monsoon time again & when we use our car, we use our car windshield wipers.

I will never forget this conversation I had with my son.

One rainy afternoon I was driving along one of the main streets of town, taking those extra precautions necessary when the roads are wet and slick.

Suddenly, my son, spoke up from his relaxed position in his seat. "Dad, I'm thinking of something."

This announcement usually meant he had been pondering some fact for a while, and was now ready to expound all that his eight-year-old mind had discovered. I was eager to hear.

"What are you thinking?" I asked.

"The rain!" he began, "is like sin, and the windshield wipers are like God wiping our sins away."

After the chill bumps raced up my arms I was able to respond.
"That's really good, son."

Then my curiosity broke in. How far would this little guy take
this revelation? So I asked, "Do you notice how the rain
keeps on coming? What does that tell you?"

He didn't hesitate one moment with his answer:
"We keep on sinning, and God just keeps on forgiving us."

What a profound thought & one which I will always remember whenever I turn my wipers on.

God teaches us, always forgive those who have sinned against you.
Forgiveness is pure happiness. Pure happiness is achieved because when you forgive a person who has done you harm, you detoxify yourself of all negative energy, free your mind and purify your soul and body.

As long as we don't forgive people who hurt us, they occupy a rent free space in our mind.

This too shall pass,
Forgive and forget and stay blessed forever.



Tuesday 7 July 2020

#6 Primary #Signs of #Emotionally Strong People

*6 Primary Signs of Emotionally Strong People*

Here are six primary signs of emotionally strong people.

1. They have successful friends. In other words, they are neither overawed nor intimidated by successful people. They are comfortable in their company for it makes them better.

2. They are okay with making genuine mistakes. In other words, they can embrace their vulnerability and not be scared by it. They understand the path of greatness is littered with mistakes.

3. They enjoy other's success. In other words, they feel genuinely happy when someone does well. This enables them to develop solid relationships in their life.

4. They have a growth mindset. In other words, they enjoy becoming better.

5. They let you have the last word. In other words, they have no need to prove themselves.

6. They never carry grudges. In other words, they have a large heart and are not vindictive at all. This helps them to move forward...

What do you think about this?
How strong are you emotionally?
Do you agree with this list?
Anything that I missed on this list?

*Change your thoughts. Change your life.*