Thursday 25 February 2021

#perfect partner

Not having a special someone and feeling lonely can have a negative impact on one's mental health. Find yourself a perfect partner at Apnijodi.
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Wednesday 24 February 2021

#True love

True love is hard to find but there is someone out there looking for a prefect soulmate just like you. Seek your true love at Apnijodi.
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Tuesday 23 February 2021


After marriage, your soulmate always has your back in every decision you make and they help you boost your self-confidence. Find your perfect partner at Apnijodi.
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Monday 15 February 2021

#Healthy #Marriage

A healthy marriage makes you a more stable and rational individual with an alert sense of mind. Find your soulmate who can keep you happy and down-to-earth, at apnijodi.
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Saturday 13 February 2021


May you and your special someone be each other's Valentines every February for the rest of your lives. We wish you and all your loves ones a jubilant and loving Valentine's Day!
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Wednesday 10 February 2021


*Your attitude matters in your life*

Yes! Attitude matters a lot.

Carrying the right attitude can have a magical impact on your life. It is only the God who knows what is written on the next page of your life. It comes in front of you once it is written. You have no eraser to erase nor you can cut and rewrite. So prepared to confront every situation that comes in your life.

As William Shakespeare says

*There is nothing either good or bad but thinking made it so. It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.*

We are in a world where people criticise more than appreciate. They try to find faults in each and every task you do. They laugh when you fall and they jealous when you grow. Many a times you fall just before the finishing line. That is when they celebrate. You feel broken, tired….like the pieces of glass shattered on the floor.

*So what is in our hands ????*


Your attitude towards these problems is your strength. It can not only the save you from the unwanted situations, but brings you out from the deep troubles. Positive attitude may not solve the problem but it can make a way to do so.

Right attitude at right time brings out the stronger shade of your personality.

It becomes easy for you to put forward your thoughts as you enforce the other person to listen to you. The way you speak, the words you use and your tone represent your attitude.

*Attitude plays an important role at your work place too.*

Work becomes easier if you have a positive attitude towards your profession.
Ask yourself if you are enjoying the work you are doing ?
Are you striving towards the goals of your company ?
Is your profession or salary is making your personal life better ?

Answers to these few questions will decide the attitude towards your job or profession.

*"Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in Love"*

A smile on your face can put the opposite person into trouble, especially when they have tried to hurt you . They will get confused about their actions. Such an attitude will keep you at peace , without being affected. This smile will act as a shield.

*"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality"*

The attitude comes from not what you wear but how you carry yourself and present yourself in front of others.

Swami Vivekananda's iconic speech in Chicago is still in our ears. His words will always inspire the youth. He didn't bother what he was wearing as it was different from what those people used to wear. His attitude came out rightly through his words and his personality.

*"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it"*.

Your attitude is what you own. You need not to look around and see how people are looking or solving the problems in their life. Wear your own attitude. You need not to borrow from others. Your life is your own. So be the master of your life. Walk with the right attitude and see how it works for you. You have to live for yourself , not for society.

*Remember what Zig Ziglar, the American author and motivational speaker said:*

*"It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude."*

There is lot to learn from this motivational speaker who always carried a positive attitude throughout the hurdles he faced in his life. His right attitude towards the life in the end gave him a success. He transformed his failures , loses and falls into the stairs to reach at the top. Failures are stepping stones to success.



Monday 8 February 2021

#New #day new #week

A new day, a new week,

*Make a wish, at least you will know what your heart really wants.*

Remember, you are never given a wish without also given the power to make it come true.

Everything is created twice, first in your mind & then in the outside world.

Just as a builder first designs a building on paper before he starts to build it, you must create all that you desire in your minds eye.
If you do this, if you dream great dreams & good thoughts, forces which you never understood will be activated to bring you to your goals.

Make a wish, Dream great things, achieve them and stay blessed forever.



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Saturday 6 February 2021

The 5 Fighting Words You Need to Drop from Your Relationships

*The 5 Fighting Words You Need to Drop from Your Relationship*

Arguing is a part of every healthy relationship. You and your partner won't agree 100 percent of the time, and sometimes one or both of you will say or do something that upsets the other. When this happens and you have a fair fight, you both voice your issues, listen to each other, talk, disagree, talk some more, and come away feeling closer.

But many of us don't fight like that; we fight dirty. There are certain fighting words and fighting phrases we see couples use repeatedly to get a rise out of each other—or to shut the other down:

*1. "Nothing"*
People who fight dirty often do it because they're actually afraid of fighting, or don't want to take ownership of a fight. Instead of coming out and telling you they're upset or angry, a partner may radiate negative energy that begs you to ask, "What's wrong?" That's when your partner says the first fighting word: "Nothing."

Since it's obvious that something is wrong, "nothing" really means, "Of course I'm upset, but I'm afraid of bringing up anything that may start a fight, so I'm going to provoke you into starting one for me."

_The next time your partner says, "Nothing," counter with, "That response is only going to get us into a fight. When you're ready to talk about it, I'm here to listen."_

*2. "Whatever"*
Let's imagine that your partner has just thrown out the first fighting word, "Nothing," and instead of countering with, "When you're ready to talk about it, I'm here to listen," you say, "I can tell something is wrong." That's when your partner drops the second fighting word: "Whatever."

"Whatever" can cut to your core—it's dismissive and minimizes your feelings and concerns.

_Next time your partner says, "Whatever," don't take the bait and escalate the fight—which is often what a passive-aggressive partner wants. Instead, calmly say, "When you say that to me, I feel like you're not interested in how I feel or what I have to say—and that makes me feel bad."_

"You're never on time." "I'm always cleaning up after you." "I always go to your work parties; you never go to mine."

"Always" and "never" are rarely factual. When you use phrases that include "always" or "never," you're telling a partner that they can't ever do something right and that you don't believe they can change. This leads your partner to feel resigned and not try.

Why should your partner help you clean when, "Please take out the trash," translates to them as, "I'd like it if you took out the trash, but I know you won't"? You can't expect your partner to adopt an "I'll-prove-you-wrong" attitude.

_Remove "always" and "never" from your relationship vocabulary. Instead, try "frequently" or "often," keep the focus on the present situation, and be specific: "It upset me when you were late today."_

*4. "You're just like your [father/mother/sister, etc.]"*
This is another example of something a passive-aggressive partner would say to bait you into starting the fight they'd like to have. Instead of, "I feel like you're nagging me," your partner will say, "You're just like your mother."

_Try to take a deep breath and simply respond, "It really upsets me when you compare me to my mother." Don't escalate—but let them know they've hurt you._

*5. "You're too sensitive"/"You take things too personally"*
"You're too sensitive" and "you take things too personally" imply that it's not OK for you be sensitive or feel slighted. These are fighting phrases, but they may also be cry-for-help phrases.

_Your partner may be trying to say—albeit in a very unhelpful way­—that they need to tell you something that may upset you but they're afraid of your reaction._



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A relationship is a two-way street. Each party must be determined to make the relationship work. Be willing to give your best in a relationship. Find this perfect match at Apnijodi.
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Thursday 4 February 2021

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Darjeeling is the perfect destination for a romantic rendezvous with your partner. Find your match to experience this wonderful trip with, at apnijodi. Find your soulmate at Apnijodi.

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