Saturday 30 May 2020


*A reflection on friends & family groups...*

"A man, who regularly attended meetings with his friends, without any notice stopped participating in his activities.

After a few weeks, one very cold night the leader of that group decided to visit him.

He found the man at home, alone, sitting in front of a fireplace where a bright and cozy fire burned. Guessing the reason for the visit, the man welcomed the leader. There was a great silence.

The two men only watched the dancing flames around the logs that crackled in the fireplace.

After a few minutes the leader, without saying a word, examined the embers that formed and selected one of them, the most incandescent of all, removing it to the side of the brazier with a pair of tongs. Then he sat down again.

The host was paying attention to everything, fascinated but restless. Before long, the lone ember flame subsided, until there was only a momentary glow and the fire suddenly went out.

In a short time, what was a sample of light and heat, was nothing more than a black, cold and dead piece of coal.

Very few words had been spoken since the greeting.

The leader, before preparing to leave, with the pliers returned the cold and useless coal, placing it again in the middle of the fire. Immediately, the ember was rekindled, fueled by the light and heat of the burning coals around him.

When the leader reached the door to leave, the host said: Thank you for your visit and for your beautiful lesson. I will return to the group.


Why are groups extinguished.....?

Very simple:
Because each member that withdraws takes fire and heat from the rest.

It is worth reminding members of a group that they are part of the flame.

It is good to remind you that we are all responsible for keeping each other's flame burning and we must promote the union between all so that the fire is really strong, effective and lasting.


*It does not matter if sometimes we are bothered by so many messages that reach the chat, what matters is to be connected, some of us are silent, others very active, the friends that we are meeting here are to meet, learn, exchange ideas, or simply know that we are not alone, that there is a group of friends, colleagues or family with whom we can count.*

Let's keep the flame alive. Although some report sporadically it is good to know that they keep their flame burning!




Monday 25 May 2020


*"People fail because they try.*
*People try because they believe. People succeed because they still believed even when they failed."*

You can succeed if you keep believing in yourself.

The road is not an easy one, at times you may want to quit, but don't.

*Try again.*

Do you maybe need to re-think your approach, your tactics?

What's working?
What could be improved upon?

*You can do it, just keep going.* *Wish you a great week ahead*



Saturday 23 May 2020

The #art of #forgiveness

*The Art Of Forgiveness*

As humans, we sometimes find it hard to forgive those who hurt us. We're either too proud or stubborn and would rather ignore the situation and hold a grudge. Unknown to us, this just causes bitterness in our hearts or even creates health problems.

I believe that we are spiritual beings experiencing human life to learn lessons, to grow and become more aware of our connection to our soul and God. To forgive those who hurt you can only bring peace in your heart, letting go of the past, and letting the one who asked for forgiveness experience their own spiritual growth.

It does not change the past, what we went through, however the future has not happened yet; we only have today to make the best of our lives.



Saturday 16 May 2020

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Friday 15 May 2020


*Accept what is and let go of the need to know*

Have you ever felt that you must see justice done or understand why something happened in order to move on? The truth is, you may never discover the why behind an incident. Does that mean you should wait to forgive and to be at peace?

The Buddha once cautioned a student full of lofty questions not to become like the man who is shot with a poisoned arrow but will not allow the doctor to take it out until he knows the name of the man who wounded him, his height, what kind of string his bow was made of, and what kind of feathers made up its shaft. We all get hit by slings and arrows of outrageous fortune from time to time. Is it more important to know "Who was responsible for this? And how can I pay them back?" Or will you heal more quickly by taking out the poisoned arrow, honoring the ending, and setting yourself free?

Letting go is a step-by-step process and it is not always easy. Acknowledge your pain. Don't ignore your feelings, but don't allow your life to be hijacked by them either. Once you've given yourself time to process your emotions and grieve, whenever you notice your thoughts starting to wander along the twists and turns of the past, gently bring yourself back to the present. You may have to do this again and again. That's okay. Be patient with yourself.




Whether it is value investing or employment,

Price is what you pay in return for gaining value.

Nobody minds paying 10X P/BV to Bajaj Finance when they know that they will reap much more.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is paid $200 mn (double of 2015) because he brings value to the organization. Of course that compensation is structured with $198.7 mn of #ESOP (with a paltry salary of $650 k).

Those ESOPs ensure that future value is retained.

Young professionals should not bear false notions. You are paid based on the value you bring to your company.

And the salary of a particular position is always tied to the value that can be extracted.

I am drawing the attention of prospects who desire core finance jobs. While intellectually more stimulating, it's the salesperson who make the moolah.

Focus your energies on creating value for your organisation.

Employers in return should also be aware that if you don't recognise value, there is always another company which will.

Even in relationships when there is value only then will the other person invest.

If you focus everyday on how to bring value to others, you cant help but succeed.

Work on improving 1% everyday & after 1 year you get a 380% better individual as a reward.

Invest in yourself!




*The Truth About Failure*

Failure doesn't mean you are a failure...
it does mean you haven't succeeded yet

Failure doesn't mean you have accomplished nothing...
it does mean you have learned something

Failure doesn't mean you have been a fool...
it does mean you had a lot of faith

Failure doesn't mean you have been disgraced...
it does mean you were willing to try

Failure doesn't mean you don't have it...
it does mean you have to do something in a different way

Failure doesn't mean you are inferior...
it does mean you are not perfect

Failure doesn't mean you've wasted your life...
it does mean you've got a reason to start afresh

Failure doesn't mean you should give up...
it does mean you should try harder

Failure doesn't mean you'll never make it...
it does mean it will take a little longer





One of the toughest questions we hear today is, "Why?"

In life's pathway, we look at the good and the bad, always with the same question, "WHY?" We see the pain, the hurt, and the suffering in today's world. We ask ourselves, "WHY?" We see men's trials, the temptations, the injustices, the cruelties, the unfairness, the inequities, and we ask, "WHY?"

We see some men conquer their fears and overcome great obstacles. We see lowly men rise to prestigious positions. We see others who falter and can't keep a job or their self-respect. "WHY?"

We see the joy in a parent's eyes as they view their first born child. We see the hurt in the eyes of the parents of a stillborn. "WHY?" We see the joy in the family whose loved one has survived a major illness. We see the pain in the family whose loved one didn't survive.

"WHY?" "WHY?" "WHY?"

We do not have an adequate answer to this age-old question, but the below lines taken from Bob Stoess book *The Question Is Why?* may help us to deal with the question.

It matters not whether we ask "WHY?", of the good or the bad. We need to share of our burdens, as well as our rejoicings. We need to learn to trust. We need to have a strong faith. We need to remember, there is a sun even when it's not shining. We need to believe in love, although we not feel it. We need to reach out to others, although it is to risk involvement. We need to try, even though trying could bring failure. Even to live means we must die.

So, be honest with yourself. Expose your feelings. Ask questions. God is big enough to carry you when you can't walk the pathway alone. You will know when you share of yourself that your burdens are divided. You will also know when you give of yourself, you will receive a double portion in return.

Remember, life is for living. Give it your best. Each of us has but a short time here on earth to know, "WHY?"



#Time to #think #coronavirus

*Will you pay your maids, drivers and househelps if they are unable to come to work from their home?* Time to think.

Many of us who have tech and tech related jobs find it fairly convenient to exercise the choice and the right to work from home. The work gets done. Productivity is higher. You are available online. All of that. And so you get paid for your labour.

And just as you do get paid, think of those who may not be able to deliver their usual work because their jobs are different. If you employee people in unskilled jobs, would you offer them the same courtesy that you expect from your employers?

I know the answer is not easy. But these are not easy times either.

It may take a month, it may take more for the coronovirus crisis to get over. The people most affected would be the ones who are in unorganised sector jobs. All of a sudden you will not need a driver because you are grounded home. The maid will not show up for work because her children are at home and her husband does not have his daily work. The person who works in a roadside eatery has nobody to serve and thus is not needed. Labourers are likely get laid off for no fault of theirs. Poor children will miss their school midday meal. Probably their only good meal of the day.

During a period like this, it is the weakest who suffer the most. If they don't get their daily wage, they won't have enough savings or find money or the credit to put bread on the table. And God forbid if they do catch the virus, they will not have the same level of care and comfort that you and I are so fortunate to have.

Yes we will survive this. Emotionally, financially, socially. Question is will they?

The best of humanity shines through during worst of the times. It is at this time we must all think of those who are dependent on our incomes for their daily livelihood. If you continue to get paid, please pay them too. Whether they are able to work or not. It isn't about whether this is fair, it is about what is the right thing to do in times like these.

This crisis was not of their making. Do not punish them if they aren't able to do what they need to do during this challenging time. They will only be grateful.

Today is the time for us all to commit to stand up for each other and give everyone the confidence that you will be there for them during this tough time. Just as they are for you. Every single day.

God bless!

PS: I would love if you are able to share this. Who knows you may save someone their daily bread.



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