Friday 15 May 2020


Whether it is value investing or employment,

Price is what you pay in return for gaining value.

Nobody minds paying 10X P/BV to Bajaj Finance when they know that they will reap much more.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is paid $200 mn (double of 2015) because he brings value to the organization. Of course that compensation is structured with $198.7 mn of #ESOP (with a paltry salary of $650 k).

Those ESOPs ensure that future value is retained.

Young professionals should not bear false notions. You are paid based on the value you bring to your company.

And the salary of a particular position is always tied to the value that can be extracted.

I am drawing the attention of prospects who desire core finance jobs. While intellectually more stimulating, it's the salesperson who make the moolah.

Focus your energies on creating value for your organisation.

Employers in return should also be aware that if you don't recognise value, there is always another company which will.

Even in relationships when there is value only then will the other person invest.

If you focus everyday on how to bring value to others, you cant help but succeed.

Work on improving 1% everyday & after 1 year you get a 380% better individual as a reward.

Invest in yourself!