Monday 9 January 2017

A #woman's #journey

A woman perhaps thinks about herself, her individuality, her dreams and aspirations only till the time she is a daughter.

Once married, she makes her husband the center of her universe and by that virtue, his family too.

Once she becomes a mother, she even forgets about her own existence. She happily dedicates her entire being to running between her childrens' school, tuitions, packing them lunch boxes, extra curriculars, doctors appointments and what not - all of this in addition to her domestic responsibilities.

Time flies, and before you know, she has dedicated the most precious 25 to 30 years of her life to this routine. And all along she has enjoyed importance only to the extent of being the caretaker of the family - the all important family decisions were all along taken by the husband.

Once she reaches middle age, when she is no longer as young or energetic, what she gets to hear from her now grown up children is "Ma, I know better, you wont understand!" Or yet, "I'm the one who goes to work, what do you do at home anyways?" coming from the husband. I'd say there's nothing more hurtful and disappointing! Does 'Not-getting-paid' for what you do so lovingly equate to being of no value at all?

Is it her folly that she has spent more than half her life selflessly caring for and loving the family? There are so many women out there who suffer depression, irritability and related disorders, all alone at this stage of life - children settled in their own worlds, retired husbands now a part of various clubs and enjoying the post retirement phase.

I'd say to those women, if you've had the capacity to nurture and care for 10 people of your family, do you really need to depend on them to take care of yourselves? Do you really need someone else to value your own self-worth!

Now is really the time to start living for yourselves! The forgotten hobbies, the books I always wanted to read, the time I wanted to spend with ny friends, the passions I wanted to pursue!

Realise and know that everything that is so perfect in the family at this point - you have had a huge role to play in achieving that perfectness!

The husband was able to go out and work peacefully because I took care of his parents and his home! The children were able to follow their dreams because I facilitated them beyond my capacity!

I resolve now to love myself, to live for myself and to make 'me' happy! There will be no resentments and no regrets with anyone - because 'I' am content.

And last but not the least dear sisters, do not let go off your financial security! Thats the one thing you must not give away or sacrifice for anyone else's happiness!

There's only one life - care for others but live it for yourself!