Wednesday 16 October 2019

*Two Words* *What If??*

*Two Words*

I saw a movie on Netflix last week, and in it was a statement about two words. They are the two simple words, "if" and "what"...

These two words by themselves are very innocent and really can be implemented in many sentences and questions, but if you put them together, it forms a very powerful question...

*What If??*

This question is the very question that can and will bring you back to a certain instance in your life where you made a choice. A choice that you may not be happy with today and often think about why you did it, but discovered you settled on it because of one of two reasons...

You settled on that decision because it was the easier path to travel at that specific moment in your life, or you did not think that you could take the other choice because of fear of failure or what other people would think.

Now, years later you think about that one specific choice or choices you have made in you life and your mind and thoughts start to take aim at your decision...

You have an inner battle with yourself and contemplate if you had that decision again, what would you do?

What would your life be like today??

Would it be totally different?

Would you be where you are right now, in the exact space sitting and reading this??

Here again lies the very important question...

What if you had that decision to make again??

What would you do??

Would you take the other path because of what you know now, or would you think it would be too late in time to go down the other path all together??

Your mind will probably and inevitably tell you not to do it...Not to do it because you are comfortable in life and doing something different may bring you down a path of uncomfortableness and anxiety may set in.

But is that not how we grow stronger and learn things about ourselves by doing or trying things we never thought possible? Pushing one's self to the limit and going beyond our normal comfort zone!!!!!

In life, there is an old cliche' that I know... It is "Where there is a will, there is a way".

I truly believe if you want something bad enough, you can do it and achieve it. You can correct the mistakes of your decisions from the past, and go out and find happiness in the right decision for your future.

It is never too late do anything in life...

You are on this earth for the time period of a blink of an eye in respect to time overall. Everyday we have to make decisions and have choices thrown at us that could hinder our forward motion or even change the course of our lives all together.

When entering into a decision, make sure it is the right one. Make sure that you play out your answer a year from now, or even ten or twenty years from now.

But if you find yourself in that position of wondering "What if", then usually you have made the wrong decision to begin with, and must correct it so you can live in peace not only now, but for your future as well...