Tuesday 25 August 2020


"If you are suffering, you are growing."

Michael Bernard Beckwith shared two concepts which intrigued me. The two concepts are "Kensho" and "Satori."

What is Kensho?

When we are going through some tough phases of your life.Phases could be because of the financial situation, health issues, relationship issues, break-ups, career issues etc we are developing new awareness, Insights about life. The learnings which we have never thought, happens during that phase. If you are bankrupt, you learn to start valuing money, you start valuing what you have in life. If you are sick, you start appreciating your body, if you are losing someone, you start understanding their values in your life. This are called "Kensho" moments. Kensho always helps us to find our inner strength,shows us the wisdom we have never imagined and helps us grow.

When we grow through resources that are available to us, it's "Satori." Whenever you getting new wisdom through reading books, from online courses, by meeting new people, those are Satori moments.
We can improve our resilience by focusing more on Satori, and it will help us to handle Kensho moments. Gratitude is one of the best and the easiest ways to improve Satori.

What Kensho moments you are going through today?

What Satori Moments you are creating for yourself?