Sunday 17 January 2021

Start #Influencing, Stop #Controlling*

*Start Influencing, Stop Controlling*

Whenever we complain about someone not being our way,
we essentially imply that if we could control them, we could have guaranteed right results.

The truth is we cannot control anyone, but we can *influence* literally everyone.
*Control radiates dominance, influence radiates care.*

Do you live with or work with someone who uses control tactics to change you?????
Have you also met people who have inspired you to change, just by being who they are?

Let us accept that people will not be our way. Maybe they see nothing wrong with themselves, or they disagree with us, or they don't want to change. Exerting control or pressurizing people to change their habits or behaviors is never a solution.

If we do that, people repel us, leaving no chance for them to listen to us. Our sphere of control owing to position, seniority or role is limited. *But our sphere of influence through our personality is infinite.* When we consistently live the right way and when we consistently bless them instead of feeling irritated about them, our vibrations radiate to them. Our pure energy empowers and influences them to change.

Start connecting with people with acceptance and respect for who they are. Remind yourself daily – "I am a powerful being. People can be their way. I remain my way, the right way and influence them. Letting people be their way, I influence their habits and behaviors with my perfection and pure intention."

Look to control yourself and influence others. Bring your cheerful energy into every interaction. Listen to others, intuitively understand others, highlight their potential, give them a sense of purpose, guide them to achieve their goals. Being naturally motivated and wise, inspire everyone to bring out their best, appreciate and celebrate their success. Even if they fail to listen to you or fail to achieve, guide them and encourage them to try again. Lead by example. If someone is not your way, do not get disturbed. Empathize and influence them with your stability and unconditional acceptance.