Tuesday 14 September 2021



What never comes from the good times, easy situations, convenient cakewalk projects?


What makes people look forward to the most ambitious/life-threatening projects, with a smile on their lips?


What makes people go for goals that are extremely difficult but certainly remarkable and 'worth it.


What gives maximum momentum when goals and means are out of sight and out of reach?


'Trust creates THRUST'. Without trust, life is difficult and slow. With trust, even the most arduous journey looks worth it.

Seth Godin writes, 'We trust people because they showed up when it wasn't convenient, because they told the truth when it was easier to lie and because they kept a promise when they could have gotten away with breaking it.'

We trust people when VALUES defeat greed.

We trust people for whom 'doing the RIGHT' is more important than 'doing what is convenient.

We trust people when we see, hear and experience their stories of COURAGE.

We trust people when they did what others believed was impossible.

We trust ourselves when we 'go on' instead of 'give up.

We trust ourselves when we are 'just'.

We trust ourselves when we give our 100% plus a little more.

We trust ourselves when we 'fight for the right' and not look the other way.

We trust ourselves when we consistently push the bar 'a little' higher.

We trust ourselves when we assume responsibility for our choices.

People trusting us and we trusting ourselves is equally important. Both are necessary. Both are boundless sources of strength.

Trust cannot be demanded. Trust cannot be bequeathed. Trust HAS TO BE earned.

Every tough time, every difficult project, every challenging situation, every bounce back, every person who needs help, is an opportunity to earn trust.

Go on and earn the trust of someone you deeply care about.

Go on and earn the trust of the relationship you want to develop.

Go on and earn your own trust without which you are a spiritual orphan.

Big Resource + No Trust ------- Starts rich, lives poor.

Big Resource + Full Trust ------- Starts rich, lives rich, becomes richer.

No Resource + Full Trust ------ Starts poor, becomes rich, lives richer.

So, no matter where you start with resources, you must live with full trust, always.

I have learned to look at life through lenses that reads, 'Yet another opportunity to build trust'. After all, true wealth is the 'trust' people 'rightly' have in me.

That is the ultimate test of a life well-lived.
And yes, whatever happens, please never break anyone's trust.

Whatever you will get in return, will not be worth it. Do you agree with me?

Change your thoughts. Change your life


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