Sunday 6 September 2015


When the ancient Chinese decided to live in peace, they made the great wall of China.
They thought no one could climb it due to its height.
During the first 100 years of its existence, the Chinese were invaded thrice. And everytime, the hordes of enemy infantry had no need of penetrating or climbing over the wall... because each time they bribed the guards and came through the doors.
The Chinese built the wall but forgot the character-building of the wall-guards.
Thus, the building of human character comes BEFORE building of anything else..

Thats what our Students need today.

Like one Orientalist said:
If you want to destroy the civilization of a nation there are 3 ways:
1. Destroy family structure.
2. Destroy education.
3. Lower their role models and references.

1. In order to destroy the family: undermine the role of Mother, so that she feels ashamed of being a housewife.
2. To destroy education: you should give no importance to Teacher, and lower his place in society so as that the students despise him.
3. To lower the role models: you should undermine the Scholars, doubt them untill no one listens to them or follows them.

For when a conscious mother disappears, a dedicated teacher disappears and there's a downfall of role models, WHO will teach the youngsters VALUES?

Have a thought!
Is our home also invaded?