Monday 7 March 2016

#Gods planning

God's planning

Everyday a servant came to clean the temple early in the morning and worship god.

This was his daily routine.

Impressed by his dedication, one day, God residing in the idol said to him, "I am pleased with your worship full of allegiance. All your life, you have served others. That is
why i want to give you something as a blessing today."

The servant said, "God, please let me play your role for one day." God said," Exchange of physical forms is possible, but exchange of behavior can't happen. You can acquire my place by standing in here in complete silence. You
have to let whatever is happening, happen. You will not interfere no matter what happens. You have to promise me that."

Servant promised this to God and took his place in the idol. God took the form of servant and left.

A little while later, a business man came in the temple. He prayed to God. Touching his feet, he said," O God, increase my happiness and prosperity more than what it is now."

however, during this, his wallet full of cash fell from his pocket. The businessman left. The servant who was inside the idol wanted to shout out and call him back but remembering God's instructions, he stayed silent.

Then a poor man came. He said to God," O God, I am offering you this one rupee coin which is the last one I have. Now it's all up to you." He bent down to touch God's
feet and found the wallet that had fallen out of businessman's wallet.

He thought of it as God's blessing
and took it. The servant inside God's idol became upset.

He thought, "I didn't give him the wallet. now what should I do?" Again he remembered his promise to God and remained silent.

After the poor man left, a sailor came.

He prayed to God, "O God, I am going to sea for 15 days. Please protect me and take care of my family as you always have. I always
go to sea only after praying to you."
Just as the sailor finished praying, the businessman came bringing the police with him. He told the police that the sailor had come
after him in the temple and must have stolen his wallet. He told them to arrest the sailor.

Police arrested the sailor. The servant could not take it anymore. He thought, "How could I tolerate such injustice when I am in God's form?"

He spoke from the idol,
"Gentlemen, this sailor is not a thief. Businessman's wallet was taken by the poor servant who came before this man.

Arrest that man and leave this sailor alone." The sailor was freed and the poor man was arrested and thrown in jail. The servant believed that he had done a good deed today.

At night, God came back in the temple and asked the servant about the events of the day. The servant told him very proudly about how he saved an innocent man from injustice.

Hearing this, "You did a very stupid thing. You ruined my whole 'Planning'." The servant was shocked and asked, "How is it possible?"

God replied, "My thoughts are very complex and completely different from ordinary people's thoughts. The money of that businessman were earned through sinful
acts and exploitation. I made arrangements, so that his wallet fell in order to decrease his sins.

Later that poor man came who was an excellent and holy person. If that man would have gotten the wallet, then he would have
converted it to 'Lakshmi'. It was best for the sailor had he been arrested and was locked up in jail as tomorrow, there is going to be a dangerous storm in the sea. His ship will wreck and he will drown. It was and always will be my responsibility to protect him. In order to do that, I had to temporarily send him to jail. You ruined all that I had planned. I had told you that standing there is very difficult.

You only have to stand there as a statue. But you can't do that. I pity mankind. Your belief is never in one place. It is always volatile. And that is the reason for your sorrows."

'When we feel that all doors are closed, our future is in darkness, faith is totally exhausted, at that time, understand that behind all this, there will be some plan of

EVERYTHING is happening according to his PLANNING.

Don't try to change anything.



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