Thursday 15 December 2016

#Parenting #approach #life #lessons

"All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart."

I remembered these words when I saw two parents with their kids, outside their school, shuffling slightly as people do as they wait for their respective cars.

From the body language of both the children, it was evident they had NOT done well.

Their shoulders were sagging. Their eyes were furtively glancing here and there.

Their body movements was laboured and slow.

Their heads were bent down.

In a voice filled with hurt and intending to shame, one mother looked down on her child and said, "Look at that sweeper. If you don't study well, you will be like him. Do you want that?"

The child looked crushed.

The other mother, was caressing the unruly hair of her child. The child looked down cast. His eyes were brimming with tears that were in the danger of falling off. His will power seemed to be holding them back.

In a voice filled with love and adulation, his mother said, "My son, do you see the sweeper there? Study well so that you can help him to make his life better."

And she looked up. She wasn't even looking at me yet, I could feel the warmth of her soul reaching out and touching me.

I had just witnessed two contrasting approach, not only to parenting, but to life itself.

Both the mothers had perfect intention. Yet, who do you think will make a mark?