Saturday 23 December 2017

#Watch your #words

*Scenario - 1*

A friend asked another,
"What did your husband gift you to celebrate your child's birth?"

The 2nd friend replied that he did not give her anything.😣

The 1st friend was surprised and questioned her friend as to whether this was a good thing.πŸ€” "Does he not value you at all?" 😀

After sowing the seed of such poisonous thoughts the 1st friend left, leaving her friend worried and doubtful.

After sometime the husband comes home from work and sees his wife's sullen face.
While enquiring about it both start fighting which leads to them cursing at each other which leads to physical fight and eventually a divorce.

*Do you know the root of this problem?*

It was just an unnecessary dialogue with a friend who had come to ask about her friends health.

*Scenario - 2*
Zain asked Hamed;

Z- "Where do you work?"
H- "In some store"

Z- "What is your monthly income?"
H- "18,000 Rupees"

Z- "Just 18,000? How do you live off so little?"
H- Breathes deeply. "What shall I say my friend!"

The conversation ends

A few days later Hamed become fed up of his job and asked his boss to increase his salary. The boss refuses and Hamed left the job and now has no job.
He had work before but now he has no work.

*Scenario - 3*
A neighbour spoke to an old man, who lived away from his son.

He asked him, "Your son comes to meet you very little. Does he not have any love for you?"

The old man replied that his son is a busy man and has a tight work schedule. He also has a wife and children, so he has very little time.

The first man said, "What do you mean! You brought him up, you nurtured him, fulfilled all his wishes and now you rationalize with yourself for no reason that because of his other engagements he does not have any time to meet you! I tell you this is only an excuse to not meet."

After this conversation, the old man started thinking about the conversation & disappointment started against the son started growing in the father's heart.

Whenever the son would come to meet after that the father would only keep thinking that he has time for everyone, except his father.

In our everyday life, questions that seem very innocent to us, like....

"Why did you not buy anything for me?"
"Why don't you have this?"
"How can you spend your whole life with this person?"
"How can you believe him?"

We unknowingly ask many such questions innocently without thinking of their consequences on others.

Without thinking about the seeds of doubt & hate we are about to plant in someone's heart.

In today's times if we go to the root of all the chaos and fights that are happening around us, most often it will be because of someone else. They don't realize that whatever they said intentionally or unintentionally can destroy someone's life.

Do not become a trouble maker and a spreader of doubt and evil.

Enter other people's home blind and leave it deaf.

*Remember the words that leave your mouth have a deep and massive effect on others.*

Let us be more aware of what words we chose to show our concern for others πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’