Wednesday 18 March 2020


If corona virus situation have caused you hardships, then read this story.

*I Have Lost My Only Son*

A mother lost her only son. She was very heartbroken. She asked Buddha to bring him back. Buddha promised he will, provided she bring a mustard seed from the family who has never lost the loved ones.

She went door to door asking for the seed. When she would ask, "Has anyone in your family has lost someone?"

The answer was always YES.

Buddha was trying to make her understand no matter how much she had suffered, she wasn't alone.


I am sure in this corona virus times, you have lost something. It can be anything small as - your vacation trip, hang out with friends, shopping in mall or to something as serious as - your source of income or health.

In this scenario, it becomes easy to be sad and blame others or government. But when you realize that others are also facing hardships, that time you become calmer.

Definitely seeing others' suffer will not reduce your pain but it definitely gives you strength as you realize you are not alone in this.