Tuesday 1 September 2020



*1. JUSTICE*- a reward or penalty as deserved.

*2. JUDGMENT*- the ability to come to a sound opinion

*3. DEDICATION*- to devote to a purpose

*4. INTEGRITY*- acting honestly and sincerely

*5. DISCIPLINE*- being efficient in controlling oneself

*6. TACT*- the ability to say something without offending

*7. INITIATIVE*- the action of taking the first step or move

*8. ENTHUSIASM*- an intense or eager interest

*9. BEARING*- the way one carries and conducts oneself in pressure situations

*10. UNSELFISHNESS*- showing a concern for the interest of others rather than yourself

*11. COURAGE*- the quality of being consistently brave

*12. KNOWLEDGE*- how well you understand a specific task

*13. LOYALTY*- faithful to ones family, friends, colleagues, and obligations

*14. ENDURANCE*- the ability to last and withstand pain

These traits are the road map to character. They separate a team with character from a team of characters. A team of characters will never be successful, no matter how gifted they are, because they lack the traits that give them standards for the degree of excellence that they hold themselves and teammates accountable for day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

If we teach character, we can go to bed, knowing that we sent young men into life with the tools to succeed.