Friday 18 September 2020

How #old are you ??

Many of my well wishers often ask me- how old are you?
I tell them how can I answer
This stupid question!

When I play with a little child
I am one year old.
When I watch cartoons
I'm three.
When I dance to the tune of music, I am sweet sixteen.
Yes, when I try to heal
someone's wound,
I'm sure I've crossed six decades of my life span.
And when I chat with sparrows or bulbuls,
Or run after my dog and his ball,
I become their age.

What is there in age?
Isn't it a number only?
Like the light of the sun
And the flowing river waters
I am ageless.
I keep changing with time and the experience.

Days are marching towards night
No doubt,
Whenever it extends its hand
I shall hold it.

Till then It's not my age that matters.
How fully have I lived thus far, which is the crux and consideration.🌷