Monday 2 November 2020

An #extra #marital #affair

"She had an extra - marital affair. Interestingly her husband knows about it."

She was looking different for last few days, she was looking happy, confident, suddenly was looking beautiful, taking care of herself also not only a dedicated wife for husband and woman for home,she was singing, she was dancing, her dressing sense has commendably improved...

It was strange! In previous years he had never seen this form of her.. He was sure someone else has entered in her life and she is transforming herself for him a woman always lives for the joy and happiness of a man!

He was feeling like spending some more time with her to explore the reason behind it..

Saturday Eve a perfect time to spend together he proposed a dine out and she accepted the proposal..

He asked her about the venue and for the first time she expressed her opinion!
Again a surprise.. earlier it was always his decision!

They went to a beautiful restaurant with a very nice romantic ambience, she was looking amazing and he was just looking at her as if he is meeting her for the first time..

Now sitting on the table, again which was reserved by her he was just trying to explore the reason of this transformation, he after holding her hand asked very politely, Dear you look amazing, and changed for last few days. What is the secret?

She looked into his eyes and smiled, and said, I am also surprised! You are sitting with me at a place of my choice, holding my hand, looking into my eyes, not looking into Mobile, or staring at girls moving around! Isn't it strange?

Then she picked up her phone and clicked a selfie and forwarded it to someone and her phone started ringing...

Now he was uncomfortable..

She smiled and announced "I am in Love!!!"

He was shocked! For a few minutes he felt like slapping her... But for the first time he had also started loving her and didn't want to loose her!

Composing himself he asked "Who is he?"

She smiled it's not he it's she!

Infact It's not she it's me!

I love myself, I love spending time with people I like, visit places I love, I am alive! And you know what I realised you also love me more when I love myself...

He had tears in his eyes of course with a sigh of relief..

Said sorry and promised will not keep unreasonable expectations from her and respect her always..

Now he knows the lady who is with him is alive, confident and deserves love and respect and if not given by him can find anywhere🙂

So ladies life is beautiful, spend some time with yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, value yourself...

Ultimately when you love and respect yourself, you will be loved by others and trust me "You deserve it!"