Saturday 7 November 2020

#Talking of #Purpose

*Talking of Purpose*

As humans we have many purposes. We all lead different lives and have had many different scenarios played out that only we can know about.

We have had our up's and down's. We have made the most of some situation's whilst letting others pass us by. We have learned many different lessons and will continue to do so.

Our ability to operate is amazing and by looking in from the outside is inspiration alone. We are the creation happening and we are always making progress.

A lesson learned is progress. *Sometimes it takes a mistake to enable a lesson learned.*

Celebrate a mistake with newfound optimism over a new lesson learned.

If you ever drift, think of a caterpillar on its way up the tree to become something different from what it had been. Ask yourself this; *when does evolution take place?*

Now is the time when progress takes grace. In this moment, we are all we can be; we have learned many lessons like our friend, the butterfly, leaving the tree.



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