Wednesday 29 July 2015


In the ordinary world all of our relationships are money relationships.

All relationships are money relationships: some power trip, some money trip, domination, ego.

But if all your relationships are just money trips, trips of greed, then you don't know how to relate. And if you don't know how to relate you can never be fulfilled. Because it is in deep relationship that fulfillment arises.

There is a very ancient saying in Tibet: "Whenever God gives you something, He never gives to you, He gives through you."

I have meditated on that saying for long: it is really of tremendous significance.

When God gives something to you, He never gives to you, He gives through you. He gives to you, but His way is to give through you.

So if you are not sharing, you will start missing the gifts from God.

If you are sharing, if you are non-greedy, if you simply go on sharing whatsoever you have --like a flower shares its fragrance, you go on sharing; like the cloud shares its rainwater with the earth, you go on sharing; like the sun shares its rays with all the trees, and all the human beings, and all the animals, you go on sharing whatsoever happens to you -- you grow, more starts coming from you.

The more you give, the more you get --because God gives through you, He never gives to you. You simply function as a passage.

If you stop giving, your passage shrinks and closes. When your passage is closed nothing can enter into you.

It is almost like when you dig a well: if you go on drawing water out of it, fresh water goes on welling up in it.

If you stop drawing water, become greedy, start thinking in terms of miserliness: "If I go on taking water, one day the water may disappear and there may be no water in the well. Then what am I going to do?" So you cover your well, you stop taking water from it.

What will happen to your well? Do you know? No fresh water will ever come to it now --because for fresh water to come in, a space is needed.

And the old will become by and by stagnant, dead, and will start stinking. It will not then be possible for you to drink of it. It can become poisonous.

Stale water always becomes poisonous. It is better, if you are wise, that you will not only draw water for yourself, you will invite your neighbors to draw water from your well.

And you will feel thankful that they drew water from your well because the fresh will be coming more and more. The more you draw, the more fresh water is available.

And the same is true about your innermost world: you are a well, and your fountains are connected with the divine, with the center of existence.

Share... and more will come to you. If you can share totally, not holding anything, the total will come to you. The coming from God will be exactly in the same proportion as you have given to others.

The Jew has to disappear for the sannyasin to be.