Tuesday 28 July 2015

The #injured dog


When a dog is injured badly it often tries to bite the one who tries to reach out and help it.. not because it hates them but because it is in so much pain that it looks at everyone coming close to it as a threat!  Even it's owners who love him dearly are not sparred, because it is blinded with the pain and suffering. The same is true with people... the ones who constantly bark , snarl , snap and are ready to bite our heads off are generally people who are really suffering a lot from inside. They, like the dog look at everyone as a threat to them , more so with people who are closest to them... they so need the help and love but do not allow people to come close to them and scare them off with their snarls. ..but just as you would not bother or be afraid of your injured pet and understand and empathise with its pain, we need to understand these people too and understand that they are this way not because they hate or dislike "us"... but just that they are carrying a lot of pain which is sometimes not visible to others !