Thursday 20 August 2015

#Mythology of King Dhritrashtra

Mythology Of King Dhritrashtra - King Dhritrashtra, the father of the Kauravas, once asked Lord Krishna, why has he gone through such misfortune in his life - firstly he was born blind and secondly, losing one son in your lifetime is horrible enough, but King Dhritrashtra lost the lives of all his one hundred sons in front of him, it was really a horrible misfortune he had come upon.  He begged Lord Krishna, to explain why.

To this Lord Krishna answered that King Dhritrashtra had one hundred lives ago, (please note - one hundred lives ago) unknowingly got the hundred children of a set of birds killed and while the parents tried to rescue their hundred children, they were blinded. So those set of birds cursed Dhritrashtra that he too would go through the same torture, these birds went through, and that is why - 100 lives later, Dhritrashtra had to go through this life of misfortune as his fruit of his bad karma had materialised a hundred lives later.

To this again Dhritrashtra asked that why did he not suffer the misfortunes immediately or within 1 or 2 lives after, why after a huge gap of 100 lives ??

Lord Krishna answers that to get one son is basically a fruit of some good deeds so in order for Dhritrashtra to get 100 sons, all his good deeds of his last 100 lives had to be accumulated and after 100 lives, when God saw that he had enough good deeds to have 100 sons, he gave him the birth of Dhritrashtra and that too in a blind form and then made him suffer for his wrongdoings.