Saturday 22 August 2015



1. Its all about perception!
so called obstacles have hidden  opportunities.... its the way we look at a situation... there is great strength in our Belief 'Hari iccha balwan!' that whatever He sends us, He always has our best interests at heart.
2. Take Action ! All the gyan  in the world is worthless  if not implemented/ acted upon. Secret of Success lies  in moving forward towards the intended goal. Inaction breeds definite failure.
3. Post Action comes "Will' not before action. Action is required to start... Will is rqrd to 'keep at it" inspite of slow pace of achievement  and even initial failures. Also Will is required to 'not give up' , pick yourself up from your fall, get up and get going! Jitni bhi baar.

One more.... there  is  strength in  vulnerability. This  is  something  i truly believe  in.

Perception is A Reality unique to each.

Every adverse situation presents us with a choice, whether to approach it with complaint or to compassion.

Complaint unsettles us, delays resolution and accumulates negative karma, whereas compassion keeps us calm thus making it easier to find a resolution and balance out our karma. Thus, our choice decides our Karma.