Thursday 25 February 2016

#Master/ disciple

Dear Seekers,

Once a disciple who loved and admired his Master decided to observe his behaviour minutely, believing that if he did everything that his Master did, then he would also acquire his Master's wisdom. The Master always wore white, and so the disciple did the same. The Master was a vegetarian, and so the disciple stopped eating meat and went on a diet of vegetables and herbs. The Master was an austere man, and so the disciple decided to devote himself to self–sacrifice and started sleeping on a straw mattress.

After some time, the Master noticed these changes in His disciple's behaviour and asked him why.

'I am climbing the steps of initiation,' came the reply.

'The white of my clothes shows the simplicity of my search, the vegetarian food purifies my body, and the lack of comfort makes me think only of spiritual things.'

Smiling, the Master took him to a field where a horse was grazing.

'You have spent all this time looking outside yourself, which is what matters least,' he said. 'Do you see that creature there? He has white skin, eats only grass and sleeps in a stable on a straw bed. Do you think he has the face of a saint or will one day become a true Master?' The true learning or transformation is always internal. So look within.

Similarly sometimes we become so engrossed with our beloved Divine, that we start copying the way of sitting, talking by someone whom we admire - which is very natural but we fail to recognise the true path or guidance shown to us by HIM.... Internally.



Very Good Morning 😀