Tuesday 3 May 2016



The grass is happy in the fields and feel that everything is going fine.

It thanks its creator, the God..

Suddenly a cow comes and eats the grass. The grass is scared to enter into the mouth of the cow where it is crushed.
The grass suffers.

After sometime, it gets converted into milk and is collected in a vessel.
It feels happy that it has got settled in a new place in a new form and its value has been added.

A drop of curd is dropped inside the milk and it starts getting converted into curd.
The milk feels that its situation becomes worse. The milk suffers in this process and settles in the form of curd. It gets churned and in this process suffers and becomes buttermilk + butter.

The butter smells good and is happy in this form and thanks God for having added value in its life.

Suddenly it is put a vessel and gets heated. It feels the heat, cries and after sometime it becomes ghee.
It is transported to a new place in which the roads are full of potholes. Finally reaches a temple where it is poured on God's idol. It worries whether it is in right path or not.
But , When it reaches the feet of Lord, it feels the bliss.

Thus Life is a journey which is full of happy and bitter experiences and the destiny is to reach the feet of God.

Bitter experiences – Sufferings are blessings in disguise to transform us into better human beings.

Lack of clarity of this understanding is suffering.