Tuesday 13 October 2020



As Kipsang approached the final mile of the race he realized there were only three opponents left.

Obstacles standing between his goal and him.....the finish line.

As he reached the first opponent, he closed his eyes and heard this message:

*"You only fail if you fail to try."*
He peddled with all his might and took his place. One down, two to go.

As he neared number two once again closed his eyes. Knowing this one would be harder, he searched for strength. Not only was he more tired than before, but this opponent was the second strongest.

Suddenly he heard the voice from within:

*"You only see the obstacle when you take your mind off the goal."*

He visualized the finish line and continued to push his body to it's limit and took position number two.

His last opponent, his last obstacle was in first place for a reason. He symbolized every goal that he hoped to achieve. Knowing this would be the toughest moment of the race, he again closed his eyes. This time he waited for the message. But it didn't come. As the fear rose from inside he realized it was up to him, not this voice, to win the race. With that in mind, he opened his eyes and it hit him.

On the back of the opponent's shirt was the message. It read:

*"If you can read this........I'm winning!!!"*

Then with every ounce of energy in his body and soul, he peddled and fought the toughest battle of his life.

As he crossed the finish line, he realized that first place means nothing if you haven't given 150%. There is always someone out there who is a little faster or a little stronger, but the real champion is the one who reaches the finish line with nothing more to give.




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