Tuesday 7 April 2015

Adversity remedies

"Very Effective Remedy For Tremendous Adversity In Life If you are facing tremendous adversity in your life and don't see any way to come out then follow this remedy with full devotion. On Friday, 23rd January 2015 (Third Gupt Navratri, Shatbhisha Nakshtra), In morning visit any Goddess Durga/Kali temple. Carry two brown coconuts (who has water inside), a Chunaree (scarf), Camphor, Some Sweets, Garland of Chinese Rose flowers (लाल गुड़हल). Offer One Coconut with Chunaree to Goddess. Offer Garland to Goddess. Offer some Sweets. Do prayer by burning camphor. Recite different shlokas/aarti which you can. Now you have one remaining Coconut. Break the Coconut in front of Goddess by saying "Hum Phat" i.e. (हुं फट). If from inside coconut is white this means your prayer is accepted. Leave that coconut there only. Don't talk about this to anyone and directly some to home. Your obstacles/problems will be removed soon.