Sunday 26 April 2015

#glorifying your pain?

Are you glorifying your pain?? Symptoms :-

- keep talking about a past or ongoing situation/problem as if you have won 'flimfare-lifetime achievement award"
- addicted to being stuck in that problem repeatedly
- get easily triggered thinking about that situation/problem
- not willing to let go
- not able to forgive
- addicted to getting sympathy from your loved ones whenever u talk about that problem

We glorify our problems very unknowingly. If you wann Set yourself free,  that is a conscious choice you need to make!! I gave up my lifetime achievement award (my long standing situation I was stuck) last Sunday in 'heal your life workshop' thanks to my facilitators (God bless them- I love them both)
And since then,  life is on a roll!! It feels lighter, happier and at peace!!

Are you ready to give up ur problem you are unknowingly glorifying?? 
If not now,  when???
If not you,  who else will